Books To Avoid

Books To Avoid

While it is certainly not our intent to be unduly critical, it is necessary to warn other Christians of resources that pose a spiritual danger. It is in that spirit that we set before the reader the following books that we have carefully reviewed and found to be out of line with the teaching of Scripture.

Created To Be His Help-Meet

Created To Be His Help Meet was written by Debi Pearl. She and her husband, Michael, are the founders of No Greater Joy Ministries. They are the authors of the book To Train Up A Child, which, according to the Pearls, has sold over 650,000 copies. That particular book has been at the center of a great deal of controversy as there have been multiple instances of parents causing death to their children as a result of following the Pearl's extreme, and unBiblical, views on corporal punishment.

Created To Be His Help Meet was written by Mrs. Pearl for the purpose of teaching women how to have a "good" and "fulfilling" marriage. That is certainly a good and noble purpose, as long as the principles set forth for achieving that purpose are rooted and grounded in Scripture. That, however, is not the case with Created To Be His Helpmate, and for that purpose, the book fails to lead the reader to its promised and stated aim. While the author does mention Scripture in the book, the principles that she sets forth are not Biblical. What Mrs. Pearl shares with her readers is her subjective and flawed opinion and not the objective truth of God's Word. In addition, the book is laced with language that is insulting and condescending. She includes numerous illustrations of women whom she has "helped" and in a great many of those instances, the language that she uses to describe those women and their situations is lacking in grace. Another reason why we recommend avoiding this book is because it treats marital intimacy in a careless and cheap fashion. Finally, she teaches that the wife is able to bring her husband to a sinless state. This is in line with the Pearl's belief in the false teaching of sinless perfection or total sanctification.

It is for the reasons stated above, as well as for others that we have chosen not to mention in this article, that we include Created To Be His Help Meet in our list of Books To Be Avoided.

For those women who are seeking resources on what the Bible teaches about the role of the wife, we would recommend that you examine the book written by Martha Peace, The Excellent Wife. Her treatment of marriage is Biblical and her presentation is gracious.

For a more detailed review of this book, please read Book Review: Created To Be His Help-Meet

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